Bending The Bars uses yoga as a mindfulness practice to engage prisoners at NORCOR jail in The Dalles with their bodies, increase sensitivity toward oneself, and build empathy for others. By helping youth, men, and women to get in touch with their bodies, they begin to care more about themselves and understand the harm they have caused. This program also aims to decrease the recidivism rate at NORCOR and allow for an easier, positive transition back to the home and community.

The majority of NORCOR prisoners suffer from chronic interpersonal trauma which is held deeply in the mind, and perhaps more importantly, in the body, resulting in the dissociative effects of impulsive/reactive behavior and tendencies toward drug and alcohol addiction, as well as violence.

Traditionally, cognitive behavioral therapists have helped people process unresolved trauma. More recently, psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical social workers have acknowledged that embodiment practices such as yoga enriched with mindfulness practices can have more impact in alleviating the symptoms that lead to both reactive behaviors and stress-related disease (Prison Yoga Project).

Program participants learn self-soothing skills and have opportunities to work on flexibility and movement in an otherwise limited physical environment. With each class beginning with introductions, injuries, and a unique get-to-know-you question, community and interpersonal connections grow. This can be seen very powerfully in Juvenile Hall, since youth are otherwise unable to converse during day to day confinement. By creating more community in Juvenile Hall, we’re able to deconstruct a fear culture and promote a culture of support. The youth realize that they have built up scary stories in their heads about their peers when, in fact, they are all in similar situations and each have many challenges.

Current Classes

Yoga: Juvenile Hall, Women’s Substance Abuse, Men’s Substance Abuse

Meditation: Women’s Substance Abuse, Men’s Substance Abuse, Mental Health Ward

How it works

We partner with NORCOR administration and guards to offer weekly classes during time served in jail. Classes are free and are not mandatory to attend. Every class starts with a short meditation and guided relaxation breathing which is then followed by continued awareness of thought patterns and breath as physical postures are introduced. Every class ends with a guided relaxation. Participants are encouraged to notice their emotional state before and after class to make their own connection about how their mental state affects their physical state and vice versa.


The Gorge Magazine, Spring 2018 - Yoga on the Inside. A new program at NORCOR brings weekly yoga classes to inmates in The full article here.

Program Leadership

Expand program benefits for NORCOR inmates and staff

Bending The Bars is looking for ongoing program funding to expand the offering of six weekly group classes (two classes a week for each youth, men and women’s groups) as well as offering a weekly class to staff working at NORCOR who are direct service providers. Bending The Bars encourages those who are released to continue yoga/mindfulness classes and we offer free classes at some of the yoga studios in The Dalles and Hood River with the intention to increase locations for post-jail practice as financial support grows. Your support will help us extend the transformative and healing power of yoga to populations who can most benefit.