Our Year-Round Outdoor & Community Engagement Youth Cohort attend programming on-site and off-site for a full year, and can return for continuous years until they graduate highschool. CultureSeed is prioritizing depth—we understand consistent contact to be key in powerful and positive outcomes. By recruiting youth whose potential is often overlooked, CultureSeed seeks to activate their leadership and connection to place, introducing and expanding the healing joy of the outdoors, and the empowering awareness that they too are agents of change. 


Adaptability is built into our model as we respond to youth’s interests and needs. One of the most important things CultureSeed can do is help young people find their way to be in service to something larger than themselves, to feel the support of their community in the crafting of a joyful and satisfying life.

Youth are recruited from their past participation in CultureSeed programming or directly through community partners. Cohorts range in size from 6 -15 participants between the ages of 13 and 19. Most participants come from Klickitat County, but as the program expands, participants are joining from Hood River and Wasco county. 

CultureSeed’s Year-Round Outdoor & Community Engagement Youth Cohort curriculum has four modules. Each module is 3 months long and includes place-based outdoor recreation and education activities based on the season. In the spring and fall we focus on hiking, summer is an opportunity for abundant water adventures, and winter we explore the snow on Mount Hood and Mount Adams. Peer circles are the first Wednesday of every month, and we use the third Saturday for educational and outdoor activities. 

Overnight camping trips are in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  In the spring we partner with Ekone Ranch in beautiful Yakima Valley for a fun filled bonding experience to welcome the new cohort. In the summer a 7-night backpacking trip is offered through CultureSeed’s partner, Big City Mountaineers, is the central challenge in the year-round experience, and an opportunity to cement friendships and trust. In the fall the cohort gathers for a final camping trip for reflection and planning for the following year at CultureSeed’s own Forest Campground. 

Interested in joining CultureSeed’s year round cohort?

Applications for our 2020-2021 cohort will be available in November, start date is march 4th 2020.

For more information please contact Kay alton, Program Director at kay@cultureseed.org.